Exquisite Rug Carving Creations

2383 Benton Ave
Akron, OH 44312-1422
United States of America


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Custom Carpeting
Custom Rugs


Joe has a long history with many of Ohios designers. If youre a designer yourself, you came to the right place. Exquisite offers you;

Special Pricing ; Allows you  room for mark up while still being competitive with the big companies.

Personal service; You work directly with Joe from the first call on.

High quality standards; Extra processes and a perfectionist personality.

Local workroom; Stop by to view the rug and even make adjustments. You cant get that out of state!

On-site measuring; All measurements are taken by Joe for Joe. And if he needs to he'll measure again. (check twice, cut once!).

Custom installation; Steps, Runners and Rooms that have been made by Exquisite are either installed by Joe himself or by a close relation and overseen by Joe to insure quality and pattern match.  

Fax in your drawing or design. You will get a revised drawing, a quotation of itemized labor, The quantity of carpet you need to order and options of backings.  “My goal is to give you a better product than you can order from out of state at a comparable price.if not better!  No pricing is ever discussed with your client at any time. Thats your business. Your client is only one job for me.Your business can keep me busy for a life time“.

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