We specialize in Birdseye Maple, Figured Maple, and Plain Maple: Tonewoods and Veneers.

Our beginings go back to 1975 when our founder took a summer job with a European cabinetmaker. Here, he was exposed to beautiful workmanship and beautiful woods, especially Birdseye Maple.

He started his own company in 1977. His interest in Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple soon lead him to the custom guitar builders which prefer these woods.

The company began processing pre-sized blanks for several small and large guitar builders. The business growth required developing an extensive supply base for quality logs. This effort led to involvement in the veneer business.

Today, we produce the world's finest Birdseye Maple, and Curly Maple, Tonewoods, Lumber and Veneer. We supply every market using these woods. Our pattern shop produces thousands of pre-dimensioned parts for the top builders of guitars, jets, yachts, automobiles, billiard cues & gunstocks. We supply lumber to cabinetmakers and furnituremakers.

We specialize in Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple. We also offer some other very fine woods and veneers.

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