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In 1996, Firenze Enterprises, Inc. embarked on the task of promoting Italian lime finishes to North America . They did so in association with FirenzeColor-Marmorino®, a highly respected company in Europe and became the exclusive importers for this product. The vision of this association was to educate the plaster and decorative finishes community of a centuries old product and method of application which has been vastly desired in Europe as a traditional wall finish.

What has been the result?

Today there are a multitude of companies promoting their so-called "Italian plaster" or "Venetian Plaster" or "Marmorino Venetian Plaster". Many companies have attempted to copy our success. But like the old saying goes, Always imitated, but never duplicated."

The formulation of Firenze Marmorino products has continued to be a favorite among Italian plasters applicators. Our signature product is made of a NATURAL Lime-Based plaster, which contains no synthetics and has a minimum of 42% real MARBLE.

Firenze Enterprises, Inc. itself has grown because of filling the needs of its valued customers. It produces custom color matches for specific jobs which can be over-nighted to meet tough deadlines. We also share new looks and techniques we come across to help our customers. We feel strongly, it is all about three things, Great Products, Color and Service.

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