Beauty and freedom of expression when working with natural stone.

Slate Lite is an innovative stone veneer made of 100% natural stone: from less than 1mm to 1.5mm thin, flexible and light weight. Ideal for stone wall covering, round columns, ceiling, curve walls, furniture, cabinets, accessories, translucent installations, exterior cladding, etc.

Ideal to solve problem like leaks, covering of areas in old construction without affecting the structure, remodeling over existing surface without the discard and remove inconvenient and cost. Slate Lite is also the ideal solution when remodeling old furniture, cabinets or exterior facades. The perfect product of every project.

Slate Lite is a German brand, inventors of the technique of paper-thin stone veneers and pioneers of the commercialization with 16 years experience. When producing, quality of materials, sorting of the best stones and inspection play the main role. The service and customer support are part of our core values.

Three line of products, 5 different types of stones and 37 decors available.

We have a Designers Trade Program available.

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