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Helping You Maintain & Enjoy Your Interior by Providing a Variety of Services

PRO-TECTION PERMANENT FIBER SEALANT: For all fabrics, carpets and specialty rugs. Also available for leathers, wallpaper and sisal. Pro-Tect is a silicone product with an alcohol carrier. The alcohol evaporates and leaves the silicone with special bonding agents on the fibers. Because Pro-Tect is not a water base product like fluorocarbons, Pro-Tect cannot be totally washed off or walked off. Dry cleaning agents do remove the Pro-Tect sealant. While surrounding the fiber, the sealant still allows the fiber to retain all of its natural qualities.

PRO-TECTION FOR LEATHER AND SUEDES: For quality polished paint pigment leathers and suede of upholstery grade. Pro-Tection for leather is formulated to work in conjunction with the oils and natural textures found in leather. Most painted leathers do not require a sealant. Most suede requires a sealant. Simple testing of a sample is recommended.

PRO-TECT SPOTTER: A neutral and mild spotter provided for Pro-Tected upholstery and carpet fibers. Setting a stain or damaging the fiber with the inappropriate cleaning agent is no longer a problem. Often, the client is instructed not to spot clean because of the delicacy of the fabric or the construction of the item. Written instructions are provided for use of the Pro-Tect Spotter for nylon carpets, upholstery and wool carpets.

CLEANING SERVICES: Pro-Tection Dallas and its technicians are recognized by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The state of Texas does not require licensing of cleaners. To help keep the environment safer, all chemicals used are OSHA approved and manufactured by certified chemical companies. Pro-Tection Dallas services all upholstery, drapery, carpets and specialty area rugs and is Dupont certified to clean stain-resist carpets.

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Fiber & leather care specialist, permanent sealant, certified cleaning.
* Pro-Tect Spotter
* Pro-Tection Permanent Fiber Sealant
* Pro-Tection Anti-Soil Fabric Treatment
* Leather Anti-Soil Treatment for Leather
* Professional & IICRC Certified Cleaning Services

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