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Selby Furniture Hardware Company started in business in 1949 with the concept of offering a complete "one stop" source of hardware for the woodworking and furniture industry. It was also dedicated to introducing new products to improve the assembly, design and function of wood products.

This was a unique concept at that time. Selby became known as the innovator of new hardware and was dubbed "The Houdini of Hardware" by leading furniture designers and publications in 1964. Many furniture designers send their drawings to Selby for solutions to difficult assembly problems.

Selby scours Europe and elsewhere for hardware developments that improve the American industry in home and office furniture and marine and aircraft interiors. Among its unique introductions, then unknown in the United States, were:

European-type concealed hinges
No-mortise flush butt hinges
TV pull-out swivels
Concealed brass cylinder hinges
Cabinet-mounted wall beds
Electric lift-mechanisms for TV's and bars
Surface-mounted no-bore concealed hinges
Eccentric-cam concealed KD fittings
Table extension mechanisms with self-storing leaves
Taper-connectors for wood-joining
Knock-in drawer dividers
Concealed key-hole assembly fittings
. . . . . . . and many other items now in universal use.

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