Industry West was tasked with finding the perfect dining chairs: tasteful, sturdy, and reasonably priced. Fed up with the overpriced market and lack of unique options, we went straight to the source, approaching a small factory with our idea. Chairs were built, a friendship was forged, and a business was born. Those same chairs still stand in our headquarters today.

At Industry West, giving back was never an afterthought - it was always part of our business plan, from the start. We knew that ‘giving back’ could be creative, and we want to support organizations that help children, family, the arts, and community-building so that we can nurture that same sense of creativity in others.
Giving Back is a core value of Industry West: It’s as important to us and what we do a

Industry West is a solution: Quality design should be accessible to everyone. We dispel the myth that good design is synonymous with exclusivity and unattainability.
By doing away with the overhead costs of brick and mortar stores and excessive marketing and advertising, Industry West provides a streamlined retail experience, affordable products and innovative design.

Our Commercial Orders Program is a way to connect with interior designers, architects, restauranteurs, hoteliers, and business owners to bring you exactly what you need, when you need it. We offer the chance to personally collaborate with the Industry West team, from re-imagining current designs in custom colors and finishes to creating entirely new products and designs, perfect for your clients’ and business’ soon-to-be favorite spaces. Learn about exclusive sales and discounts.
Members gain access to discounting pricing based on quantities purchased per order, while having the ability to submit orders using an internal Purchase Order. There is no minimum purchase required to open an account. Interior Designers and Commercial interest clients are eligible for the trade discount. Our associates can provide stock on hand, lead times, sales quotes, and creative solutions tailored to meet your needs.
Industry West will always deliver. Shipping to your door will be handled by our diligent and professional warehouse crew. We are able to freight Forward.


o 10% off purchases with 10 items or more
o 12.5% off purchases with 25 items or more
o 15% off purchases with 50 items or more
o 17.5% off purchases with 75 items or more
o 20% off purchases with 100 items or more

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