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Hi, Im Walt Stanley, owner and operator of Brookside Woodworking and I have been designing and crafting one-of-a-kind, custom furniture in my one-man studio since 1990. My design philosophy is simple. First and foremost, honor the material. Wood is a beautiful resource and we should design furniture to best show this beauty and to live for many generations. When I hand make a piece I start by carefully selecting the finest materials. I make sure the grain and color match as closely as possible and flow fluidly around a piece. Wood is a dynamic material and I carefully plan for this movement with joinery that allows the wood to breathe and adapt seasonally.

I have a substantial investment in modern tools and equipment, however, I use them to do things the old fashioned way; time honored joinery that both stands the test of time and uses little or no hardware. My drawers slide on wood runners rather than metal slides; my mortise and tenon joints are pinned with wooden pins, not screws or nails and I finish with multiple coats of an oil varnish blend that penetrates the wood to protect from the inside. It doesnt build to a thick, plastic looking coating. This is followed with a coat of hand rubbed wax to give the feel that only comes from caring, experienced hands. High traffic items like dining table tops get a catalyzed lacquer to give the ultimate protection.

While I work in a variety of styles, such as Shaker or Mission, I dont generally do faithful reproductions of any but rather let them influence my own designs. Sometimes a piece will start with a particularly interesting piece of wood. I have made many pieces this way. I can work from your designs, or I can help to design that perfect item. Browse my website to see my past work and maybe get some ideas for your project. Call or e-mail to get things started and lets talk about your furniture.

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