The Sterling Collection, Inc

1730 First Street
San Fernando, CA 91340
United States of America


Visit website | call us at 8188374680
The Sterling Collection combines four decades of our experience with many centuries of European furnituremaking tradition.

Our work is based on the vast amount of knowledge we have acquired researching, restoring and replicating some of the worlds finest antique furniture, consisting primarily of traditional European designs. Each of our pieces tells the story of a promise made and kept: the triumph of hand-crafting reproductions that possess the same life as the originals.

Our line ranges from exact reproduction of antique classics to innovative adaptations for todays office and entertainment center environments. We also create our own designs, incorporating the same visual economy, subtlety and charm as traditional work. Nearly half our volume involves custom features requested by clients.

How do quality antique pieces endure through the centuries? Weve studied everything that has given them their longevity, and we build it into our furniture. We take great pleasure in imagining that great-great grandchildren will treasure our work, just like antiques are treasured today, for how form and function are exquisitely united.

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