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In the North American Industry we have the largest international selection, of premium product lines in stock of:
-Porcelain Tile
-Ceramic Tile
-Marble Stone
-Coordination accessories, mosaics moldings and liners
-Glass Tiles and Glass Mosaics

What makes us better?
- Product Quality & Selection
-Product Availability: We stock everything we promote
- No wait time
- No last minute redesigns
- We ship all over the country and direct to jobsites- no need for a middle man.

Why should you work with Cancos?
-Huge selection of stocked items
-We can customize most items we have.
-We usually are the first to have new and innovative looks.
-We carry everything you would need from start to finish. From setting material to after care cleaning products.
-Professional sales force that are well educated. So we make sure you get what’s appropriate for your job, from the start.

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