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To be the high-quality custom glass fabricator in the Texas region by providing innovative, practical and top-quality products that exceed standard specifications, building codes, industry standards, and customer expectations. We believe our first responsibility is to our customers, and to their customers who use our products.

M3 Glass Technologies utilizes the very latest in technology (as you would expect from our name!). Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to hold the tightest tolerances and highest quality standards in the business. Don't even talk to us about ASTM standards, we leave them in our dust! While the competition will fall back on ASTM to sell you glass with up to a +/- 3/16" tolerance, all of our products are produced with +0 / -1/16" tolerance, regardless of thickness!

Our recent investment in equipment includes polishers, cnc fabrication equipment, two glass tempering systems, glass drills, glass handling equipment, and new delivery trucks. New equipment means less down-time, shorter lead-times, and on-time orders.

Our tempered glass is stronger and cleaner than the competition's. How can that be? As a matter of policy, we will not temper glass that does not have machine-finished edges (in other words, we will not temper seamed or sanded-edge glass). Machine-polished glass is stronger than non-polished glass, because the fissures that remain from cutting the glass are removed in a wet process during polishing. The glass is cleaner for two reasons: 1) seamed glass leaves behind flakes of glass in the tempering oven, which can either scratch future pieces or actually become fused to future pieces; 2) the tempering technology employed by M3 Glass Technologies reduces the use of SO2 gas, which can cause a "fog" on the glass that must be cleaned off.

M3 Glass Technologies is also innovative in the products we choose to carry. We are always looking to enhance our offering to you by adding the best new products, and the result is a one-stop-shop with all the high-end products. For example, we have recently been certified by Guardian Industries as a certified fabricator for their ShowerGuard® product, and by Glastrosch as a certified fabricator for their Luxar® anti-reflective glass. One-inch glass, 3/4" Starphire® glass, and 3/8" patterned glass also enhance our line-up of value-added products.

In 2007, M3 Glass Technologies became a charter participant in PPG's Certified Entrance and Interiors Fabricator program! (PPG CEIF)

Our Decorative Glass offerings include DecoTherm®, ColorBak backpainted glass, laminated safety glass and traction control glass flooring ! You can learn more about these processes in our "products" section!

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