Designers' Delivery

Dedicated to providing our clients with the best expertise and dependable care, DESIGNERS DELIVERY customizes its services to fit each clients particular need. Designers Delivery is a customer-oriented company specializing in the careful handling of fine art and antiques. Called upon to assume the responsibility for treasures from around the world, the Designers Delivery team provides you with a comprehensive package of services from pick-up to the final destination. Our company works closely with ASID designers, decorators, art galleries, artists, fine furniture manufacturers, and antique dealers, and our team takes pride in helping them solve any problem at hand.

Local & Long Distance Delivery
Designers Delivery handles pick-up and delivery to all local and long-distance destinations, making sure to follow any special instructions you may have. The safety of your valuables is our concern at every step of the way.

Specialized Moving
To better serve our clients, Designers Delivery is not structured as a household moving company. Instead, we focus on delivery of a limited number of high quality items. However, many times our clients call upon us to handle the very fragile and valuable artifacts of their homes when they relocate. In those cases, we can work side by side with the 'regular movers', thus ensuring the clients satisfaction of their local or nationwide moves.

Art &Tapestry Installation
Hanging art can be a frustrating and tedious task. Whether it is an oversized piece of art that is difficult to manage, or the logistics of the installation, be it over brick, stone, a fireplace, mirrored wall, or at great height, Designers Delivery is well-equipped to accommodate the situation. We pick up your art from the gallery, framer or designer, and bring it to the point of installation with the necessary hardware and expertise to complete the job.

Receiving, Warehousing & Storage
Showrooms and galleries often use Designers Delivery to receive and unpack their merchandise, whether it is stock items from domestic freight or overseas shipments. These valuables can be either stored at our facility for later distribution and installation, or promptly delivered to the clients. Designers Delivery stores each object in a safe environment until the desired time for delivery.

Custom Packaging & Crating
When it comes to the shipping of your valuables, protection against perils is the most important task. We can package just about any item, whether its building a custom-fit corrugated box, show-crate or in-foam packaging. We have the knowledge and resources to do the job right.

Our areas of expertise. Designer Projects: Receiving and Inspection, Climate and Non-Climate controlled warehousing, Project Installations locally or out of town, Complex Fine Art and Mirror Installations as well as Art Crating and Shipping. We specialize in fine packing, transfer, installation, unpacking and arranging.

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