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Gregory Effinger is the designer's choice for original watercolor artwork.

Exactly what you need, when you need it; regardless of size, subject or framing style. Greg can create the original commission for your most discerning collector or passionate home owner that makes you the go-to person when guests ask, "Where did you get that amazing artwork?"

With over 16 years in professional painting for homes and offices, Gregory has the most amazing ability to paint exactly what your clients are looking for. Why? Because you talk to him. You problem solve with him. You access his creative talents, and bring the information back to your clients, giving them a showpiece and the story behind it.

He specializes in mountain scenery, paints in plein-air and even does portraits of actual people, kids, antique items and specific locations.

Why Choose Greg Effinger?
1) Greg's landscapes take on a more masculine feel for contemporary design, providing depth and color dynamics found rarely in watercolor.
2) He is real individual artist, not a huge company.
3) Greg works within your budget.
4) He works with your ideas and excited to complement them with his own ideas.
5) Greg sends you sketches within 48 hours of each transaction, and provides progress reports throughout each piece.
6) Greg will work on location with your clients as necessary.
7) He paints daily, ensuring consistent quality and growth in his medium.
8) His value is rising, his paintings hold their value!
9) He works fast and welcomes new work!
10) He may be the only artist you'll need!

You know you have ideas, call Greg today - 970 870 8008.

"Let's create something amazing".

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