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From its turn-of-the-century factory in Nevada, Missouri, the W. F. Norman Corporation still operates machines as old as the company itself. Production methods remain the same as the early days with panels stamped one at a time on antique rope drop hammers, resulting in better quality control than modern hydraulic presses.

Using original dies from 1898, the W.F. Norman Corp. Hi-Art® product line contains 140 ceiling design components and over 1,300 ornaments. Their growing popularity stems not only from nostalgia but from their beauty, permanence and economy. Panels and ornaments are produced in zinc, copper, and brass and feature designs from many eras such as: Victorian, Colonial, Gothic, and Art Deco. Ceilings typically come in 2''x4'' sheets or drop-in panels.

Lightweight and easy to install, Hi-Art® products are not only an authentic way to restore buildings & homes, they are also widely used to embellish new construction projects.

Our product line includes: Tin Ceiling Panels, Custom Tin Ceilings, Cornices, Moldings, Ceiling Centers, Brackets, Capitals, Conductor Heads, Crestings, Crockets, Drops, Eagles, Finials, Gargoyles, Garlands, Leaves, Lion Heads, Mitres, Panel Ornaments, Pinnacles, Roosters, Rosettes, Scrolls, Shells, Shields, Urns, Wreaths, Exterior Siding, and Decorative Metal Shingles.

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