Island of glass
The roots of AVMazzega lie the noble Venetian glassworking tradition; the firm was founded in 1946 by Gianni Bruno Mazzega in Murano, a land of furnaces, master and their assistants in the glass process, known as "serventi" and "serventini", who still today jealously guard the age-old techniques for working the glass.

Today under the guide of son Andrea Mazzega, without betraying its origins, AVMazzega has revived and reinterpreted the Murano heritage with passion and tenacity, inviting international designers with heterogeneous expressive languages to take on those alchemies of sands, oxides and powders of this magical Murano island.

The result is an amazing proposal of hand worked glass lamp that interact with contemporaneity, in vibrant equilibrium between art and industry tradition and modernity.

Perfect imperfect
A means of expression par excellence, "vetro artistico" the artistic glass moulded by AVMazzega, carries with it centuries of experience and craftsmanschip, passion and tenacity.

Every creation that comes out the AVMazzega kiln is the result of exhausting, meticulous hand crafting work, the skilled teamwork and dexterity of master glassworkers who and work the glass respecting the rules of workmanship that have held sway on the lagoon island.

To the quality of tradition AVMazzega adds the avant-garde and the research for design working with world know design agencies.

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