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I am a small woman owed minority business owner that is considered the status of economically disadvantaged.

I speak at meetings about health and my systems.

Here are some links to my web sites that I represent:

I do the VEGS System for Veterans, Schools and Senior Housing. The VEGS System is ADA compliant so no one left out. It also is environmentally friendly. The VEGS System growing medium is compost, keeping product out of the landfill. The VEGS Systems compost is held in place by a Soxx made of biodegradeable nylon. That Soxx is then held in place by a bracket made out of RECYCLED BABY BOTTLES.

For all 3 of these systems there are a multitude of grants and foundation monies that can easily pay for them. We maintain a database of over 200 grants and foundations that are updated daily.i. In all these uses, the VEGS System is on lockable casters and can be moved around both inside and outside.

The Garden Soxx can be sold 2 ways. In retail packaging that is UPC coded, and can be private labeled at no up charge for the private labeling. It is already punched for retail post display.

The Garden Soxx can also be bought for the foot for $2.40 per foot plus a small shipping costs.

Think about this: A Taco Soxx (grow cilantro, cumin, tomatoes, garlic, just add the shell!
or a Pizza soxx, garlic, tomatoes, veggies and just add the pizza shell.

Here are some links to you my other products.

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