The Renaissance Difference
Natural stone is inherently beautiful. But in the hands of the skilled artisans at Renaissance Marble & Granite, Inc., craftsmanship is elevated to a whole new level. From our draftsmen and saw operators to our polishers and installation team, we take pride and ownership in providing not only beautiful stone, but a beautiful job.

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Here are just some of the things that differentiate us from our competition:


Every slab is thoroughly inspected and those not meeting our exacting standards are rejected and returned.

Exact templates for every job are made at your site, allowing all cutouts for sinks, electrical outlets, etc. to be done in our shop not in your home or commercial location. Manual templates are then digitized and stored electronically for years at our location along with all other job specifications.

Matching stone switch plate covers can be made for a seamless look to backsplashes.

Glass, metal, porcelain and other materials can be precisely shaped and inlaid into stone to create patterns.

Scheduled appointments to choose your stone are followed up with a written report to confirm your selections. This report can also be provided to your builder, designer or contractor. Plus, samples of your actual slab are provided or can be shipped to you for coordination with tile, wallpaper, paint, cabinetry or flooring selections.

Our extensive library of appliance information and specifications allows us to recommend and supply sinks and faucets for your specific needs. We will install your sinks as well. Plumbing, however, must be left to licensed professionals.

Test assembly is performed in our shop for optimum vein and edge alignment prior to actual installation.

We smooth the underside of overhangs and exposed edges. At your request, we can also polish the underside of overhangs if they will be viewed from a lower level.

All countertops are cleaned and sealed following installation. Cleanliness and courtesy are hallmarks of Renaissance Marble & Granite, Inc. and our installation team leaves every job site as clean as they found it.

And of course, all work is backed by the Renaissance Quality Guarantee.

Timeless Beauty
Natural stone retains its beauty decades from your original installation. Thats why its been the choice of the finest hotels and prestigious landmarks for centuries.

A vast array of stone types and colors from around the world are available to choose from, yet no two slabs are exactly alike, adding to the unique character of natural stone. The many decorative edge treatments and surface finishes offered further expand your options. A thermal finish can even be added for exterior use, or your stone can be - honed - for a more old-world look.

Durability / Performance
Natural stone will outlast and outperform any synthetic material in the kitchen, bath or anywhere else. Although not indestructible, resistance to heat, moisture and abrasion make it a superior choice in most instances. Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops as the surface is ideal for rolling dough and can even withstand placing hot pots directly on its surface.

Increase Property Value
In todays real estate market, granite kitchen countertops and other natural stone applications in your home have been proven to increase property value and are important considerations for discerning homebuyers. Granite countertops and other stone installations can mean the difference between someone purchasing your home or another.

Easy Care and Maintenance
Mild dishwashing soap and warm water is all thats needed to preserve the beauty of natural stone. However, some stone is porous and must be sealed periodically to resist staining.

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