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We welcome design professionals to visit Ergo for the best products and the best experience. Ergo will help you exceed the expectations of your discriminating clients, and provide a new income opportunity for your business.

At Ergo Customized Comfort and the Ergo Sleep Studio we advocate products that are designed to promote a more comfortable lifestyle and a better nights sleep. With 30 years of industry experience, owner Michael Nermon has searched the world to find unique bedding products that relieve pressure, provide proper support and alignment, and respond to each individual's needs. We have selected Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden®, Organicpedic® by OMI, Aireloom®, Silhouette®, ErgoBed® and Tempur-Pedic® products to showcase in our sleep studio. Visit our showroom and let us educate you about how these unique products are improving peoples lives everyday.

At Ergo Customized Comfort we offer only the best ergonomic seating solutions. Ergo's seating products have been chosen because they all provide dynamic support. This means that each product encourages movement. As you change position the chair changes with you promoting movement and increasing circulation.

Ergo specializes in natural and organic mattresses and bedding accessories. Many of these products are insulated with 100% pure wool. Wool maintains a comfortable temperature, creating the perfect sleeping environment. Porous and permeable wool material absorbs perspiration and releases it slowly through evaporation, so your sleeping environment maintains a comfortable temperature. Wool is also mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant, providing a healthier, hypoallergenic sleep environment.

Sleep - it refreshes us like nothing else. It can be occasionally elusive, almost comforting, and definitely essential to our survival. And although we spend 33% of our lives asleep, we barely give it a moments notice until we cant sleep. Then we think about it to the point of obsession.
-- The Better Sleep Council

At Ergo Customized Comfort selecting a bed or comfort product is an enjoyable and educational experience. When visiting the showroom you enter a unique, relaxing environment where you can experience the best sleep and comfort products from around the world. You and your client will receive the guidance you need to make an informed decision on the best sleep system or comfort product. Visit our showroom and experience the difference at Ergo Customized Comfort.

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