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Modular International excels in the development of distinctive, customizable lighting systems for commercial and residential applications along with holding various domestic and international patents and trademarks to accommodate their designs.

We are well known world-wide for our rigorous standards in the manufacturing of recessed, Aperture®, surface, baffled and stainless steel lighting fixtures. With a comprehensive product line and the ability to customize to meet nearly any special need, we provide the world’s leading architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants with the means to express lighting innovations with beauty, efficiency, flexibility, and performance.

Our reputation for innovative lighting is well earned. A comprehensive portfolio of fixtures, the ability to customize, and rigorous manufacturing standards provide the perfect palette for lighting professionals.

Exceptional collaboration with the world’s leading architects, interior designers and lighting consultants leads to the realization of lighting solutions of beauty, efficiency, flexibility, and performance. Industry standard innovations such as the Apertures® Series of fixtures, locking mechanisms, and lamp shielding retaining rings extend the possibilities for creative collaborations.

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