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Ponte Vecchio's Genuine Italian Leather is obtained by means of the exclusive use of natural tanning materials extracted from trees according to an age old tradition going back to the dawn of civilization.

Our Genuine Leather Tile maintain in time its characteristics of softness, warmth and resistance, without loosing its natural quality such as visible streaks, veining and flaws which makes our product authentic and genuine.

In a period in which time seems to be the most precious and rare of resources, master craftsmen still follow the slow process that converts raw hides into Leather Tile with the care and patience of long time ago and in full respect of the environment and nature.

Suitable for floor, wall, columns, tray ceilings, conference room desks in residential and commercial applications, ask us how we can transform your living space in a perfect escape from the ordinary with antique passions and modern technologies, (our Leather Tile is truly unique because is also water repellent and stain proof!)

New: Please check out our extensive collection of Woven Leather the ultimate elegance for you interior walls, cealings

Sizes are available in multiple choice with a maximum of 24” X 46”, ask your design associate for special feature such as embossed Leather and Laser details on your Leather application, Leather Tile available in 25 colors, with availability of custom color on Costumer request.

Providing nothing less than monumental Italian craftsmanship and white glove costumer service, we invite you to visit us at or simply e-mail us your request or curiosity!

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