As the world's leading designer and supplier of handmade Tibetan and Armenian carpets, Tufenkian brings together time-honored traditions and a range of exquisite aesthetics to create objects of art for modern living.

The world of Tufenkian reaches across continents and encompasses multiple enterprises based on a singular mission: to create exquisite things that enrich the lives of those who experience them as well as those who create them. Under the guidance of founder James Tufenkian, the company's passion for excellence and dedication to giving back have become the foundation of all Tufenkian business ventures, from the finest Tibetan and Armenian hand-knotted carpets and showrooms to luxurious hotels and resorts and award-winning epicurean products. We hope you will be inspired, and feel proud to share in our work as you learn more here about the products, processes and philosophies that have shaped Tufenkian's success and characterize the brand's commitment to both its customers and its people.

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