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Thank you for flying with MicroSeal,

We know there are many common fabric protections for you to choose from, so we thank you for discovering the difference that MicroSeal alone provides. "Recognized worldwide as The Best" means that MicroSeal has been the standard in the aerospace industry worldwide for 25 years and is now also available for residential and commercial applications. Our product's performance is only exceeded by our desire to provide excellent service to your customer. Your valued clientele will also be happy to know that for pennies on their dollar, they can double the life of their interior investment.

Permanent Stain and Sun Fade Protection that includes a First Class, Life-time Service Warranty. Twenty five years protecting Aerospace Industry giants and worldwide independent laboratory tests back all our performance claims. Be sure to ask your local MicroSeal Company about their incentive to the designer.

Environmentally Safe - No fluorochemical, or PTFE ingredients. Our proprietary trade secret formula has an EPA rating of GRAS (generally recognized as safe). MicroSeal is non-toxic and non allergenic.

Just press the call button if we can be of service and thank you for choosing to fly with MicroSeal.


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