Who We Are:

We are technology experts focused on creating unique "lifestyle" experiences for today's smart homeowner. We design, install and support networked home systems based on how homeowners choose to live in, enjoy, and control their home environment. Use us as your single source for all your home electronic needs from home theater/video, monitored security, lighting control, home networking to energy management. Through our sister company, Time Saving Services, we've leveraged over 10 years of commercial computer network design and wiring experience to deliver unsurpassed technologies for your electronic home. Our technical knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver home systems that work together with elegance and efficiency.

What We Offer:

HomeWaves designs, engineers, installs and supports home networking solutions that enable all electronic devices in your environment to seamlessly communicate with each other and the outside world. We provide high-end, name-brand quality systems ranging from audio and video control, lighting control and fixtures, plasma displays, to high-end audio equipment. We provide hookup, training, equipment fine-tuning and a support warranty - at no additional cost.

We are specialists in:

Structured Wiring
Home Automation
Home Control
Home Theater/Media Rooms
Whole House Distributed Audio
Network Communications
Security Systems
Lighting Systems
Why You Should Choose HomeWaves:

How do you want to experience your home? At HomeWaves, we understand that each homeowner has unique requirements to best deliver their "dream" lifestyle experience.

Homeowners - We take the time to understand homeowner's needs by listening closely and then using our knowledge and experience to guide homeowners in making informed choices that work best for their lifestyle and budget. Additionally, if desired, we work with your designers, architects and builders to make sure no detail is left unplanned.

For immediate assistance please call the Sales Hotline 404-805-3956

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