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364 NE 167 St Miami, FL 33162 Tel: 305-945-2973

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Americarpet Commercial is an affiliate of Americarpet Inc. has been in business since 1985. Our ...

Niche Graphic Flooring

2600 N Dug Gap Rd SW Dalton, GA 30720 Tel: 706-277-4744

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Woven and tufted wool carpets, custom area rugs, indoor/outdoor carpet and more.


9879 Chartwell Drive Dallas, TX 75243 Tel: 214-333-9400

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PET STAINS... A Most Difficult Dilemma » Fiber-Seal Systems

... delaminate, compromising the integrity of the face fibers. Wool Carpets and Rugs Wool carpet and rugs are altogether different. Wool will hold several times its weight in water. ...

Pet Urine Stains... Fiber Content Makes A Difference » Fiber-Seal Systems

... delaminate, compromising the integrity of the face fibers. Wool Carpets And Rugs Wool carpet and rugs are altogether different. Wool will hold several times its weight in water. ...

WOOLSAFE... …THE Source for Product Certification » Fiber-Seal Systems

... source for certification of all maintenance products for wool carpets and floor coverings. ... source for certification of all maintenance products for wool carpets and floor coverings. As wool has become one ...

VACUUM CLEANERS... …The Hype About HEPA » Fiber-Seal Systems

... Dyson vacuum cleaners. This includes both synthetic and wool carpet products, though loop pile wool yarns are most susceptible to this type of damage. The Aftercare Pros! One of the greatest benefits of applying a protective ... to new and existing carpets is that it makes the fibers more soil ...

ORIENTAL RUGS NEED SPECIAL CARE...… Persians, Chinese, Kilims & Dhurries » Fiber-Seal Systems

... can be dealt with just as any quality wool carpeting. Extending their life by means of promptly repairing ...

INSECT PESTS... Spring Cleaning May Be Too Late » Fiber-Seal Systems

... their growth and enter pupation. In addition to wool and animal products, carpet beetle larvae will feed on seeds, pet food ...

IS DISHWASHING LIQUID SAFE FOR STAINS? Handy is Not Always Safe... » Fiber-Seal Systems

... the alkaline side, which is highly undesirable for carpets and rugs with a wool or advanced generation nylon pile, as it greatly ...

Designers' Corner » Fiber-Seal Systems

... clean fabrics and fibers . We specialize in silk, wool and difficult rayon, as well as fine area rug cleaning and wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. Call us with your questions related to ...

WOOL... Fact and Fiction » Fiber-Seal Systems

... cleaning a wide variety of fine fabrics, including wool, linen, silk, sisal and more, As fibers and warranties change, we continue to refine our products and services. The trained and certified personnel at Fiber-Seal Service Centers around the globe stand ready to serve you.

Maintenance Tips » Fiber-Seal Systems

... and protecting. Regular care minimizes the chance that carpet beetles and moth larvae will damage wool. If possible, rugs should be rotated periodically in ...

PILE REVERSAL...… A Most Durable Dilemma » Fiber-Seal Systems

... pile reversal on certain velvet styles. Also encouraging, Wools of New Zealand has developed a technology called “Trutrac.” This process is said to prevent pile reversal by permanently setting the carpet's natural pile orientation through the use of ...

FABRIC MAINTENANCE... …Upholstery Cleaning » Fiber-Seal Systems

... consider a few basics. The vast majority of carpets are created using just three different fibers, nylon, olefin and wool, with only a minimal number of dye systems ...

PET URINE, COFFEE, AND INK... Common and Difficult Stains » Fiber-Seal Systems

... create dye bleeding and fiber damage, especially on wool fibers. Another aspect that needs to be considered is the volume of the stain. While it may look to be a small urine stain on the surface of a carpet or rug, it is likely to be 3 ...

OXYGENATED CLEANERS... …Playing Russian Roulette With Spot Cleaners » Fiber-Seal Systems

... If your sofa fabric is “Herculon” or your carpet is “AstroTurf,” oxygenated cleaners are probably very safe to use for spot removal. However, if your fabrics are cotton, silk, wool, or rayon, consider the following information. Alkalinity Is ...

STORING WOOL & SILK RUGS... Tips From the Professionals » Fiber-Seal Systems

... least once a year. Will Fabric Protection Help? Wool and silk rugs can be ... and carpet industries. Because fibers and fabrics are ever-changing, ...

RAYON RUGS…... "Difficult" Would be the Diplomatic Term » Fiber-Seal Systems

... true of rayon used in wall-to-wall carpet and rayon used as an accent fiber. No Perfect Fibers Many different fibers are used in the manufacturing of rugs. The most popular for many years have been nylon, olefin and wool. While none of them is perfect, each of ...

FABRIC PROBLEMS... What Causes Color Changes? » Fiber-Seal Systems

... change is sunlight. Particularly affected are silks and wools, but dyes in many fabrics can also be ... the aging process of silk, causing rapid yellowing. Wool is also affected by sunlight in two different ...

FABRIC SELECTION…... Our Picks For The Most “Client-Friendly” Fabrics » Fiber-Seal Systems

... hallmark of a more serviceable fabric. For example: Wool blended with nylon means you must treat the fabric as though it were all wool – which changes the cleaning options. If one of ...

SISAL... Special Fibers Need Special Care » Fiber-Seal Systems

... increasingly being blended with other fibers such as wool. Wool can dramatically change the look and texture of ...


... the product label cautions: “Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or on fabrics ...

Stain Removal » Fiber-Seal Systems

... care for all soft surfaces—including the finest wool, silk, linen, and leather. Our system includes not ... guide on how to remove spots from your carpet, dhurries, kilims, Orientals, and area rugs. Please read ...

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... soil resistant. So, if you hear that a wool carpet or rug does not need a soil and ... with approved products. Will Regular Cleaning Hurt My Wool Carpets and Rugs? If you lived in a vacuum ...

Truett Fine Carpets & Rugs

150 Turtle Creek Ste. 204 Dallas, TX 75207 Tel: 214-748-7550

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We are a high-end carpet & rug showroom that works with interior designers & architects ...

Pro-Tection Dallas, Inc.

2201 Tucker St Ste 108 Dallas, TX 75214-6125 Tel: 800-825-4392

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... Pro-Tect Spotter for nylon carpets, upholstery and wool carpets. CLEANING SERVICES: Pro-Tection Dallas and its technicians ...

FA Design Build

9979 Main Street Fairfax, VA 22031 Tel: 703-934-8447

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At FA Design Build we focus on the Why. Why is it important to enhance your home? Why do you want to remodel? The Why defines your life and the place ...


788 W 8th Ave Denver, CO 80204-4330 Tel: 720-428-8208

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... flooring concerns. We specialize in broadloom and custom carpets, area rugs, stair runners, and hand-made floor coverings in a variety of materials. We can accomodate any budget with the products we have available through Amerifloor Inc.

Obeetee Inc

137 West 25th Street 12th Floor New York, NY 10001 Tel: 212-633-9744

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History - OBEETEE hand tufted, hand knotted, carpets, rug manufacturer

... technology that reduces water usage for washing a carpet by 90%. Wools of New Zealand debuts “The Midas Rug” featuring ... technology that reduces water usage for washing a carpet by 90%. Wools of New Zealand debuts “The Midas Rug” featuring ...

Social Accountability - OBEETEE hand tufted, hand knotted, carpets, rug manufacturer

... made carpets and the first brand partner of “Wools of New Zealand” in the hand-made carpet industry. The company directly employs over 600 workers ...

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... the premier source for the finest of handmade carpets in India, OBEETEE has ... to become a brand partner with the 'Wools of New Zealand' mark in 1997.

Ruth Livingston Studio

74 Main Street Tiburon, CA 94920 Tel: 415-435-5264

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Ruth Livingston , an internationally award-winning designer, has been collaborating since 1980 with architects, fine artists and craftsmen to create complete ...

Savnik & Company

601 McClary Ave Oakland, CA 94621 Tel: 510-568-4628

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For many designers, selecting a rug means hoping to find just the right pattern and ...

Texstyle Design

637 Westwood Avenue River Vale, NJ 07675 Tel: 201-358-8333

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Manufacturers of upholstered furniture, hand-tufted wool and wool & silk carpets, and leather. Products for ...

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