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Clarence House Inc.

979 Third Avenue Suite 205 New York, NY 10022 Tel: 212-752-2890

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... architectural magazine. Famous for its handscreen printing of fabrics and wallpapers, high-style textures and hand-loomed brocades, Clarence House also offers the highest quality velvets, damasks, silks, cottons, linens, sheers, trimmings and leathers. ...

Country Club OnSite Drapery Cleaning & More

PO Box 815158 Dallas, TX 75381-5158 Tel: 972-247-3837

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... can be used on natural and man-made fabrics such as elegant velvets, antique satin, velour, Haitian cottons, moires, and even sun-damaged or fragile materials. We also offer a complete "Take-Down and ... and more, really clean! Thank you again for your time and consideration.


9879 Chartwell Drive Dallas, TX 75243 Tel: 214-333-9400

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VELVET FABRICS... Pile Fiber Characteristics are Key » Fiber-Seal Systems

In this article, we will discuss only velvet fabrics, though much of the information—especially regarding maintenance—is also applicable to other pile fabrics such as chenille.

Blog | The Thread » Fiber-Seal Systems

... and even wall-to-wall carpet. Read more VELVET FABRICS... Pile Fiber Characteristics are Key 04/12/2016 In this article, we will discuss only velvet fabrics, though much of the information—especially regarding maintenance— ...

MOHAIR... Special Fabrics Need Special Care » Fiber-Seal Systems

... methods. The primary exception would be embossed mohair velvets. Again, these fabrics can lose their embossed designs if wet-cleaned. ...

FABRIC PROTECTION… Not Just for Light-Colored Fibers and Fabrics » Fiber-Seal Systems

... avoided had the fabric been treated with a fabric protector. Velvet pile distortion from a spill Fabric Protectors Cannot Stand Alone Even the best fabric ...

Above-the-Floor - Stain Removal Guide » Fiber-Seal Systems

... B and C) on delicate fabric such as velvet, chenille, linen, silk and fabrics with polished finishes until you call your local ...

FABRIC CHALLENGES...… Our Picks For “Most Difficult” To Maintain » Fiber-Seal Systems

... fabrics. When rayon is woven into a pile fabric (chenilles and velvets) the problems are compounded. When any water-based ... linen can become a maintenance nightmare. In a velvet construction, linen makes an especially elegant and lustrous fabric. One problem specific to velvets in general is ...

"DRY CLEAN ONLY" FABRICS... The "S" Code Explained » Fiber-Seal Systems

... fabrics to “finish” them, which is why napped fabrics like velvets, chenilles and wrinkle-prone linens may not always achieve that “perfect” appearance after solvent cleaning. As explained above, the dry cleaning methods available for upholstery fabrics are far more limited than those available for ...

FABRIC SELECTION…... Our Picks For The Most “Client-Friendly” Fabrics » Fiber-Seal Systems

... t perform well. Twenty-five yards of rayon velvet chosen for a family room sectional can quickly become a headache and an eyesore! Fabric selection involves so much more than color and ...

LIVING WITH RAYON FLOOR COVERINGS...… Natural Shading And Nap Distortion » Fiber-Seal Systems

... include one very important fact about RAYON chenilles, velvets, and floor coverings – liquid spills and water-based cleaners can be harmful to their beautiful nap. When rayon pile fabrics and floor coverings are subjected to moisture, the ...

RAYON RUGS…... "Difficult" Would be the Diplomatic Term » Fiber-Seal Systems

... rayon in pile constructions such as chenille and velvet are well documented. For the most part, the potential problems, especially pile distortion and water-based cleaning issues, are exactly the same. We Can Help! Fabrics and floor coverings that are protected by Fiber- ...

PILE REVERSAL...… A Most Durable Dilemma » Fiber-Seal Systems

... twelve-month warranty against pile reversal on certain velvet styles. Also encouraging, Wools of New Zealand has ... document them for further study. Need Help With Fabric Cleaning Or Fabric Protection? Your local Fiber-Seal ...

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In this article, we will discuss only velvet fabrics, though much of the information—especially regarding maintenance—is also applicable to other pile fabrics such as chenille.

Architex International

3783 Highland Park Pl Memphis, TN 38111 321-626-8151


1389 Southern Expressway PO Box 1270 Cape Girardeau, MO 63702 Tel: 573-334-0517

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... COCO Luxe line includes silk and linen embroideries, velvet appliques, and unique combinations of construction. An opulent line displaying exquisite fabrics with couture looks. BROWSE COCO Suites is a ...

Baisch & Skinner

2721 LaSalle Street St Louis, MO 63104 Tel: 314-664-1212

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... 24" Silver Praying Angel Product Number: NP44913 more... VELVET FISH Product Number: PO343092AST more... Small Resin Bird ...


150 Varick St. New York, NY 10013 212-627-7766

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